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The ongoing history of the UB Surgery+ Office

Brian Quaranto MD
Brian Quaranto MD
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The ongoing history of the UB Surgery+ Office

I have been creating a physical space to enable collaboration for UB Surgery residents in the Surgery+ tracks. It's a place where people can physically visit to see the innovate that is occurring on a daily basis.

Here's how it has evolved over the first two years.

The present:

In April 2021, the UB Surgery+ Office is equal parts surgical skills live-stream studio, video editing station, and maker-space.

Here's a sample of what's been going on:

Rewind: Before the Pandemic

In 2019, when residents went out for their designated Surgery+ tracks, sometimes they were assigned with specific workspaces. In other cases, this was overlooked, and these residents had to work from home or from other impromptu locations. On top of what I was required to do, I was in the process of running a new startup during the first semester of my Surgery+ years and this resulted in spending considerable time driving from meeting to meeting.

There was a surplus of usable office space in the newly built Jacobs School of Medicine building. Nearly every floor had underutilized areas, and I set out to identify spaces that might be used more effectively.

The UB RISE suite was top of the list. There were unallocated office spaces and common space. My thought was that anything would do, and this location would give us the additional advantage of being adjacent to the comings and goings of other interesting folks in the UB RISE suite.

Initially, this was all open space.


Brian Quaranto MD

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